Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ce soir, Paris Machine Learning Meetup: Fraud & Bank attacks, Robust Learning, Data Olympics Paris Berlin 2019

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Thank you to Morning coworking for hosting us.

As usual, first come, first served, the room capacity is 120 seats so there is ample space.

Schedule: 6:45PM : doors open / 7PM : talks / 9PM : networking / 10PM : end

Here is the page on the platform to register. The streaming will be here:

Our speakers tonight will be (presentations will be uploaded here before the meetup)

Antoine Thorin, BRED-Banque Populaire, From reactivity to proactivity in ATM maintenance
How BRED-Banque Populaire, understand the functioning of ATM, by collecting data from different sources. Visualizes and analyzes data in order to improve the reliability and the availability of ATM.
Gael Varoquaux, INRIA, Learning with missing values
In many application settings, the data have missing features which make data analysis challenging. An abundant literature addresses missing data in an inferential framework: estimating parameters and their variance from incomplete tables. Here, we consider supervised-learning settings: predicting a target when missing values appear in both training and testing data.

Gregoire Martinon, Quantmetry, Real-time detection of attacks on ATMs
The general philosophy is to convert video into time series. The standard anomaly detection artillery can then be deployed over the generated time series. To make such a conversion, a combination of tracking detector is used: a deep learning detector allows to locate with great precision an area of interest (face, hand, skeleton), while a tracking device (MOSSE) is in charge of tracking the target from one frame to another. The advantage of the tracker is that it is extremely fast and compensates for the high calculation time of the detector.

Fabien Vauchelles, Zelros
Data Science Olympics 2019, Paris and Berlin

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