Thursday, September 21, 2017

CSHardware: InView Multi-Pix Camera Demonstrates 1FPS SWIR Imaging

This is rare to see an embodiment in hardware of CS and DL ideas in the sensing area and in production. We mentioned the development at InView a while back, Here is a new announcement using compressive sensing technology and neural networks in the SWIR sensing realm. From the press release:
"...Having already harnessed the computational power of the famous Single-Pixel Camera architecture of the InView210 SWIR imager, InView has now enhanced its speed and image processing capability by incorporating a small array of pixels and new compressive computational methods. InView takes advantage of parallel measurements, matrix processing and efficient reconstruction algorithms to produce the highest resolution SWIR images at rates of just a few seconds per frame. As shown below, multi-pixel Compressive Sensing magnifies the resolution of a small pixel array. On the left, is a low-resolution image directly measured from a 64 x 64 InGaAs pixel array. When that same 64 x 64 array is used with compressive sensing, the image is transformed computationally into a detailed 512 x 512 image...."
The rest is here.

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