Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Morning Video: Error error error correcting correcting correcting codes codes codes, Mary Wootters

 Error error error correcting correcting correcting codes codes codes by Mary Wootters 
The abstract reads:

Abstract: Suppose you wish to send a message, but you know that whatever you say will get slightly garbled before it reaches the recipient. What should you do? You'd like to add some redundancy, to make sure you are understood despite the errors. For example, as in the title of this talk, if you repeat yourself enough times, probably the message will get through. But there are other ways to add redundancy. For example, the English language has a lot of redundancy built in: u can prbably undrstnd ths sentnce, evn tho mny lettrs r mssing. In this talk, we'll explore some more principled ways of adding redundancy, which are ubiquitous in modern communication and storage systems: the use of error-correcting codes. We'll introduce error-correcting codes and discuss the basic theory behind them, and we'll see how they can be used to do a much better job protecting communication from errors than the title of this talk does.
 connection to compressive sensing is mentionned in the QA at 55 minutes into the talk.

Mary's recent work include:

Drafts/ Manuscripts

One-bit compressed sensing of dictionary-sparse signals.
Richard Baraniuk, Simon Foucart, Deanna Needell, Yaniv Plan, Mary Wootters.
[ arXiv ]

Biological screens from linear codes: theory and tools.
Yaniv Erlich, Anna Gilbert, Hung Ngo, Atri Rudra, Nicolas Thierry-Mieg, Mary Wootters, Dina Zielinski, Or Zuk.
[ biorXiv ]

Exponential decay of reconstruction error from binary measurements of sparse signals.
Richard Baraniuk, Simon Foucart, Deanna Needell, Yaniv Plan, Mary Wootters.
[ PDF ][ arXiv ]

Journal Publications

Local correctibility of expander codes.
Brett Hemenway, Rafail Ostrovsky, and Mary Wootters.
Information and Computation (2015). 
ICALP 2013 special issue.

One-Bit Matrix Completion.  
Mark A. Davenport, Yaniv Plan, Ewout van den Berg, and Mary Wootters.  
Information and Inference (2014).
arXiv ][ journal version ][ bibTeX ]

On optimal entanglement assisted one-shot classical communication. 
Brett Hemenway, Carl A. Miller, Yaoyun Shi, and Mary Wootters.  
Physical Review A, 87, 062301 (2013).

Conference and Workshop Publications


Repairing Reed-Solomon Codes.
Venkatesan Guruswami and Mary Wootters.
STOC 2016, to appear.
arXiv ]

Strategic Classification.
Moritz Hardt, Nimrod Megiddo, Christos Papadimitriou, Mary Wootters.
ITCS 2016.
arXiv ]


Linear-time list recovery of high-rate expander codes.
Brett Hemenway and Mary Wootters.
ICALP 2015, to appear.
Invited to ICALP 2015's special issue of Information and Computation.
arXiv ]

It'll probably work out: improved list-decoding through random operations.
Atri Rudra and Mary Wootters.
ITCS 2015.  
PDF ][ arXiv ]

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