Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Morning Insight: We're the Barbarians

In a recent blog entry ( Predicting the Future: The Steamrollers and Machine Learning) I pointed out the current limits on the use of silicon for computing. Even though the predictions show the substantial impact of computing on power generation, there is only a scattered set of initiatives or technology development that are looking into this issue.

This was reinforced when we, at LightOn, recently filled a form to join Optics Valley, a  non-profit group representing the interest of the Optics industry here in France.. Many of our answers fell into the "Other" category. That feeling was very much reinforced last night when I watched the IEEE rebooting computing video that features a set of initiatives that aims at solving this exact problem. But if you watch the short video, you'll probably notice that our technology also falls in the "Others" category.

Rome errr....Silicon Valley needs a solution and  we're the Barbarians....

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