Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Paris Machine Learning Meetup, Hors série #1: Introduction to Bayesian Inference with Stan and R

For this first Hors série Paris Machine Learning meetup of the season, Dataiku is co-organizing this meetup. To register for the even you need to go there. Streaming video is here and will start at around 7:00PM Paris time.


Presentation slides should be available before the meetup:

Eric Novik, Introduction to Bayesian Inference with Stan and R
Stan is a modern, high-performance probabilistic programming language that interfaces with R, Python, Julie, Matlab, and Stata. Eric Novik, one of the organizers of the NYC Bayesian Data Analysis meetup and a founder of Stan Group, will be in town to give a brief talk on Stan.
We will build up a simple Stan model from scratch to demonstrate various parts of the Stan program and will also present a multi-level, overdispersed Poison model that can be used for pricing products in a retail setting. We fit the latter model with the rstanarm package, which can be thought of as a fully Bayesian equivalent to lme4.
After the talk, Eric and Stan core developers Daniel Lee and Michael Betancourt will answer questions from the audience and offer some thoughts on the future of statistical inference and Bayesian computing.
Eric Kramer, DSS + Stan

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