Monday, February 22, 2016

Ce soir: Paris Machine Learning Meetup #9 Season 3: Machine Learnings in Music / A First step with TensorFlow

Yes, tonight, we will have the fourth evening Machine Learning Meetup of the month of February 2016 (here is a link the first, the second and the third one). This time Mobiskill is kindly hosting us and sponsoring the networking event afterwards. Thank you to them. 

Our next meetups will take place 9th march, 13th april, 11th may, 8th june. If you are interested in presenting at these meetups, here is the form:

Au programme de ce meetup:

Inès Al Ardah, présentation de Mobiskill

Bob Sturm,   " Your machine learnings may not be learning what you think they are learning: Lessons in music and experimental design"

In machine learning, generalisation is the aim, and overfitting is the bane; but just because one avoids the latter does not guarantee the former. Of particular importance in some applications of machine learning is the “sanity" of the models learnt. I will discuss one discipline in which model sanity is essential -- machine music listening — and how several hundreds of research publications may have unknowingly built, tuned, tested, compared and advertised “horses” instead of solutions. The true cautionary tale of the horse-genius Clever Hans provides the most appropriate illustration, but also ways forward.

Jiqiong Qiu "First step Deep Learning with Tensorflow"
"Le Deep Learning est une technique en plein essor dans le domaine du machine learning au cours de ces dernières années. De nombreuses applications ont vu le jour telles que Google Brain, Microsoft Cortana, DeepFace de facebook et Siri chez Apple. A l’aide de l’outil d’apprentissage de google, TensorFlow, nous allons présenter le deep learning et à l’aide d’un exemple basé sur un problème de classification d’image comprendre l’utilisation de cette librairie." 
site associé:

Romain Jouin mentioned a hands-on  meetup around TensorFlow and the attendant Udacity course. It is here.

David Marie-Joseph, Pitch éclair (2 minutes)   "La reconnaissance visuelle au service du shopping"

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