Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Whose heart doesn't sink at the thought of Dirac being inferior to Theora ?

Djalil's take on going from seductive theory to applications got me thinking about how difficult it is to convey to newcomers how technology development really works. In fact,  this was the reason I drew this figure for the Dorkbot presentation recently as this was also the subject of a discussion on the LinkedIn CS group recently:

The scale on the right points to the maturity of a certain technology before it can be used in some operational fashion specifically in industrial applications. When it comes to compressive sensing related sensors, we are currently in the dip for most of them. 
The only technology (MRI) that made the leap did not require a change in hardware. 
It is as simple as that. Other ways you will hear about compressed sensing is when it improves not hardware but processes such as in group testing and/or some sort of competitive encoding. This is why you keep on hearing about those but less about the more fundamental new types of sensors.. In effect all the others are so low on the Technology Readiness Level list that it will take some investment from some niche application to grow them up to ubiquity.

Two truths seem to be coming out of this process so far:

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