Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two postdoctoral positions in Signal Processing & Machine Learning at Inria Rennes (France)

Remi Gribonval sent this announcement for two postdocs at INRIA in Rennes, France,

Two postdoctoral positions in Signal Processing & Machine Learning at Inria Rennes (France)

Two postdoc positions are open in the Metiss team (Speech and Audio Processing) at Inria, Rennes, France. The postdocs are funded by PLEASE (Projection, Learning and Sparsity for Efficient data processing), a project sponsored by the ERC (European Research Council), which aims at investigating sparse representations and low-dimensional projections. The research conducted by the postdocs will be at the frontiers of Signal Processing and Machine Learning, with applications to Acoustics & Audio.

The Metiss team develops mathematical and statistical signal models and algorithms for acoustic and audio applications. In the framework of the PLEASE project, these problems are addressed under the auspices of
sparsity and low-dimensional projections, with the aim of developing new ways to acquire, analyze and process the information content of complex acoustic data (e.g.: compressive acoustic sensing, blind source
separation), as well as large collections of such data for learning (e.g.: multimedia indexing).
A first goal will be to further develop recently achieved mathematical and algorithmic results, to demonstrate their impact on selected acoustic applications, and to disseminate them through the development of software. A second aspect will be to explore machine learning strategies exploiting low-dimensional projections to process large data collections in the context of multimedia indexing.

The Metiss team gathers around 15 researchers, post-docs, PhD students and engineers with expertise in various fields of mathematical and statistical signal processing and audio. The team is part of the IRISA /
INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique Research Center, located on the campus of the Université de Rennes I in the historic city of Rennes, capital of Britanny. The center is a major player in computer science and
information technology gathering about 400 scientists (including 90 fulltime researchers, 70 professors and associated professors, and 190 PhD students) in an international environment. The recruited postdocs will
have occasions to interact with several groups at Inria Rennes, including computer scientists and applied mathematicians, and will have access to large-scale computing grids and multimedia databases, as well as
multichannel audio recording equipment.

Qualifications required
Candidates should hold a Ph.D., and will either be applied mathematicians with interest for statistical signal processing and acoustic applications, and good programming skills, or originate from signal processing / computer science with solid background in applied mathematics and statistics.
Previous experience in sparse signal representations or statistical machine learning is preferred, but experience in related areas is suitable.

Starting date: as soon as possible

Duration: one year, renewable

Scientific Contact:

To apply:
Applicants are requested to send a CV, a list of publications and a brief statement of research interests. This material, together with two letters of reference, shall be sent to Stephanie.lemaile@inria,fr before April 15, 2012.

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