Saturday, January 21, 2012

Video: David Brady's "Coding for Multiplex Optical Imagers" lecture

SPARS11 took place 7 months ago but I still enjoy the plenary lectures on video. Today, I re-watched David Brady's presentation on Coding for Multiplex Optical Imagers. It's just awesome. I tried to put the video on Youtube but it is too long. I tried Vimeo but I have uploading issues. Oh well, at least it is in a wmv format (if anyone uploads them somewhere on a player, please let me know, I'll link to the video and your site will be duly acknowledged). 

 The other plenary lectures (they last about 45 minutes) are listed below:

Thanks to Coralia CartisMike DaviesJared Tanner and Bubacarr Bah for organizing the meeting, video taping these lectures and putting them on the site.

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