Friday, January 06, 2012

It may look like a crisis but it is only the end of an illusion

I took the title of this entry from Jerry Weinberg's The Secrets of Consulting. It's great read and worth the $25 investment I made some years ago as I keep on reopening the book every once in a while. Also, It's not just about consulting. All this leads to the substance of this blog. Over time, you may have noticed a change in the frequency of blog entries. There may be more but I have switched to a different order. I keep on refining the model and while I never commit to a specific frequency, I have come to the conclusions that there are entries I enjoy and others that I want to enjoy. Entries I enjoy writing about:
  • surprises 
  • reality checks
  • somebody going through the risky business of making their code/implementation available with examples
  • instance of compressive sensing hardware
  • comparison between different solvers, piece of hardware
  • instance of issues that are deeply connected to making the world a better place (calibration issue for compressive sensing hardware is one...)
  • how the world is inherently compressive
  • how compressive sensing and attendant techniques are changing the world as we know it..
  • how the blog started conversations among y'all.

Entries I yearn to enjoy are those featuring papers:

  • with no illuminating figures or few usable insights.
  • that show scholarship but not the underlying "how to do it" bit
  • that will take me a long while to absorb
  • etc ....

I end up writing single entries for subjects I enjoy writing about, while subjects I want to enjoy may get stacked together in one long entry. The illusion is to think that all subjects are equal.

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