Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Calibration Club

I like very much the definition of calibration on wikipedia in that it aims at providing a thorough definition yet very often the calibration process is itself opaque at best. With the advent of instrumentation that can provide enormous amount of data for very little money, the complexity of the calibration process of these new sensors and task specific sensors, is becoming increasingly important. Yet, appreciation of the work involved in having proper calibration is generally swept under the rug even though it is key to the eventual quality of the data. A situation not unlike the first and second rule of the Fight Club. And a fight it is, trying to fit a model to nature. I just started the Calibration Club on Linkedin, I am not quite sure what discussion will go there but every time something on the compressive sensing or matrix factorization horizon seem to breach on the subject, I'll make a mention of it there and naturally here.

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