Wednesday, August 24, 2011

That word you keep using .... [ENS/INRIA Summer school on Visual Recognition and Machine Learning]

From the recent ENS/INRIA Summer school on Visual Recognition and Machine Learning that took place in Paris, 25-29 July 2011. I note that Jean Ponce makes the point that sparse coding is not compressed sensing, a little bit like what Muthu was saying a while back. Obviously, becoming mainstream has its downs, but let me wonder something aloud. The whole field of computer vision is based on the underlying assumption that the transfer function of most camera equipment between a scene and its 2-D projection on the focal plane array is a simple one. What if it were a more complex one ? Would most of the techniques used in computer vision and image understanding also work or break down ? To me this is an essential question.

Here are the slides of the meeting, the materials for the practical sessions is here. Enjoy the learning experience.

Lecture slides

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