Friday, August 19, 2011

We are not pleased with your conclusions...

In Does Anything Happen at Random? the following video featured Persi Diaconis talking about his dealings with a card shuffling machine. I made a passing mention that one could make a business case for a different card shuffling machine based on his assertions. Looks like that business would now have to fight the implementation that  Persi DiaconisJason FulmanSusan Holmes suggested to the owner of the current card shuffling machine business which led to the report below recently uploaded on Arxiv:

Analysis of Casino Shelf Shuffling Machines by Persi Diaconis, Jason Fulman, Susan Holmes. The abstract reads:
Many casinos routinely use mechanical card shuffling machines. We were asked to evaluate a new product, a shelf shuffler. This leads to new probability, new combinatorics, and to some practical advice which was adopted by the manufacturer. The interplay between theory, computing, and real-world application is developed.

By the way, I have tried the card shuffling trick mentioned by Persi in the video several times in front of kids, and I am now officially the laughingstock of the next generation. Thanks Persi.

[P.S: The title of this entry is extracted from the conclusion of the paper ]

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