Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CS: Advances in Multirate Filter Bank Structures and Multiscale Representations, Concentration of Measure

Laurent Duval sent me the following announcement:

As we celebrate the centenary of the Haar wavelet, we wish you a happy 2010 and kindly invite you to contribute to the following special issue of Elsevier Signal Processing (deadline: 15/02/2010):

Advances in Multirate Filter Bank Structures and Multiscale Representations

The purpose of this special issue is to report on recent progresses performed and emerging trends in the domain of multirate filter banks and multiscale representations of signals and images. Answers to the challenge of handling an increasing demand of information extraction and processing from large data sets will be explored.

Sampling theory, compressive sensing . Sparse representations . Multiscale models . Multiscale processing: interpolation, inpainting, restoration . Wavelet shrinkage and denoising . Oversampled filter banks, discrete frames . Rational and non-uniform multirate systems . Directional, steerable filter banks and wavelets . Nonlinear filter banks . (Multidimensional) filter bank design and optimization . Hybrid analog/digital filter banks . Fast and low-power schemes (lifting, integer design) . Multiscale and multirate applications to source and channel coding, equalization, adaptive filtering,...

Guest editors:
Prof. Thierry Blu
Dr. Laurent Duval
Prof. Truong Q. Nguyen
Prof. Jean-Christophe Pesquet

Additional information:

In other news, Terry Tao has a series of post on the concentration of measure and the central limit theorem and there are two blog posts, one about Emmanuel Candes at SODA and the other one about David Gross at QIP.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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David said...

The CfP was announced some months ago in Nuit blanche, the deadline has been moved to 15th Feb :-)