Friday, December 31, 2021

2021, the year AI ate HPC … and more

Back in 2011, Marc Andreesen announced that Software was eating the world while everyone was trying to make sense of the realities of the cloud versus brick and mortar businesses. Eight years later, Tarry Singh articulated how AI was eating software; a year before GPT-3 and Codex would give solid ground to this prediction. Fast forward two years later, we just witnessed how AI ate HPC and we believe those are the first steps towards how AI is eating Learning, Creative and Office work.

Let me explain.

At LightOn, we have been working on getting AI to be transformative for everyone. For that to happen, we used the Jean Zay French national supercomputer for two different yet somehow related reasons this past year. First, our LightOn’s Optical Processing Unit hardware was integrated into this top105 supercomputer. Even though LightOn’s hardware is analog and uses a technology currently unknown to supercomputing, there are several good reasons the future of computing will use this technology. Relatedly, in a co-design fashion, we also used the Jean Zay facility to implement and run code for the building of Large Language/Foundation Models that we believe are key to Transformative AI. In March, we trained the largest French language model ever called Auriga and made it available to everyone through our PAGnol demo.

In July, we launched the Muse API, making our language models available for business use. Initially released in private beta, Muse has quickly gained its first customers, and a public commercial version with five languages is to be released in early 2022. Some of these early customers are using this new AI to redefine SEO or the experience for website creation.

Eventually, a major impact of these Large Language Models trained on HPC infrastructures will be the ability for everyone to personally learn faster and for office workers worldwide to get the job done in a fashion never seen before.

If you are a start-up company or an individual starting a business around this promise, don’t hesitate to join the Muse Partnership program, and let’s start a discussion around how Muse can help you.

These models will also have the same effect in creative work and in the discovery process.

Stay tuned, the true AI revolution is really coming!

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