Sunday, December 13, 2009

CS: Transform the Compressive Sensing Hardware page into a review on arxiv ?

There are several long articles or chapters being written by some of you on compressive sensing (such is the case of Compressive sensing and structured random matrices by Holger Rauhut) . The focus of these efforts is mostly on the mathematical aspect of compressed sensing and there is generally a cursory note of current applications (mainly because this is not the focus of these manuscripts). I am wondering the following: Would a review of the current compressive sensing hardware as currently listed in the Compressive Sensing Hardware page be something that could be easily referenceable for these manuscripts as opposed to just having a web address ?

If there is an enterprising person or two (or more) who would want to make a name for themselves in this area I welcome any type of effort that would make this page a living document/review of hardware implementing compressive sensing. The first order of business would be to go through each of these links and collect the actual reference of each of these instruments. We could submit this to arxiv in the first place and update it as needed over time. If it's good enough, we can submit it for publication somewhere. Anybody interested ?


Gholam said...

Hi Igor.
I think that it would be interesting to me.
Could you please explain it more and introduce me any other groups or individuals currently available to work with?

Igor said...


Currently you are the first one. Please contact me by e-mail.