Monday, September 22, 2008

CS: Compressive Sampling via Random Modulation Pre-Integration

Valerio Cambareri, a reader of this blog, and an engineering student at University of Bologna, is 15 days away from getting his Dottore in Ingegneria Elettronica or Bachelor of Engineering and is furiously finishing the writing of his undergraduate thesis. The subject area he investigated is Compressive Sampling via an RMPI (Random Modulation Preintegration) System Architecture. He has begun to feature some of his results at:

Let us note the use of the seemingly very fast smooth l_0 algorithm by G. Hosein Mohimani, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh and Christian Jutten mentioned here earlier. Valerio tells me that he will eventually put his thesis as well as the attendant matlab codes on his website after his graduation. Let us wish, Good Luck to Valerio on his defense.

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