Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Today: Colloquium Perspectives and New Challenges in Data Science, Marne-la-Vallée

Today, there is the following Colloquium on Perspectives and New Challenges in Data Science at Ecole des Ponts, Marne-la-Vallée.

Data science is evolving quickly. The surge of interest of the business world for Big Data evolved into more specific interests for new forms of business intelligence, for new practices in personalized web marketing and services, for new relationships to e-reputation and social networks. At the same time data science centers are also developing in academic research.

But progress of research in computational statistic, machine learning, information retrieval, computer vision, natural language processing and related fields is steady. Deep learning has had a tremendous impact on computer vision and speech processing and starts changing practices in many other imaging fields. New developments in distributional semantics created shifts in language processing and information retrieval. Large strides in distributed and online optimization or the use of new dedicated hardware for deep learning are changing in many applications the computational possibilities for massive data analysis.

Clearly, a number of difficulties remain common to many endeavors in data science: how to leverage efficiently existing publicly available data? How to coordinate the complex efforts of deployment of new sensors and of integration of new sources of data into new predictive analytic schemes? How should the progress in data science change our perspective on connected devices and the internet of things? What is the role data science can play to improve the way we understand and manage our environment, our cities, our energy resources, our pollution, our public services? What type of interactions will data science allow in virtual personal assistants, connected homes, brain computer interfaces?

This one day colloquium aims at gathering experts to offer a broad view on a few of the perspectives and challenges that lie ahead.

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