Saturday, September 04, 2010

CS: The Long Tail of Compressed Sensing

According to the new stats provided by Blogger here are the top ten entries that readers came to see this past month. Let us note that these stats do not include the 550 or so people reading entries of this blog through their Feed readers (see stats below)

Aug 5, 2010 – Sep 3, 2010

  1. Compressed Sensing Videos: Where Is My Popcorn ?, Aug 30, 2007, 3 comments, 348 Pageviews
  2. Is FROG an instance of Nonlinear Compressed Sensin..., Aug 15, 2010, 1 comment, 192 Pageviews
  3. Why Compressed Sensing is NOT a CSI "Enhance" tech.., Mar 2, 2010, 7 comments, 150 Pageviews
  4. Yves Meyer: Compressed Sensing, Quasi-crystals, Wa..., Aug 21, 2010, 145 Pageviews
  5. Video: Stephane Mallat, "High dimensional classifi..., Aug 8, 2010, 132 Pageviews
  6. Video: Rob Nowak: "Adaptive and Nonlinear Designs ..., Aug 9, 2010, 126 Pageviews
  7. Compressed Sensing: How to wow your friends., Sep 21, 2007, 21 comments, 121 Pageviews
  8. CS: The real long post of the week., Aug 22, 2010, 117 Pageviews
  9. Complex Systems that Matter: an unfortunate Nuclea..., Dec 11, 2007, 116 Pageviews
  10. SPARS'11, Latent Variable Analysis / Signal Separa..., Aug 29, 2010, 93 Pageviews

This sums up to about about 1540 pageviews for the first ten pages. The Adsense stats show the following numbers for the pages of this blog (17,720) and the entries read through the Feed readers (17,218).

In summary, the first ten pages get one tenth of the total pageviews. Readers seem to like spending some time on the blog on entries that are not specifically recent nor commonly read. This is good, there is a rich conversation going on.....

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