Sunday, August 29, 2010

SPARS'11, Latent Variable Analysis / Signal Separation, Sparsity and Learning

 Jared Tanner asked me to post this, so here it is:
The Edinburgh Compressed Sensing Group will host the next edition of SPARS, SPARS'11, which will be the fourth edition of the meeting dedicated to all things sparse.  The formal title for the series is
Workshop: Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations

The even will be held 27-30 June 2011, located in Edinburgh Scotland.  A preliminary website for the event is:

In addition to the above eight plenary speakers we welcome all working on sparsity related topics to join us and present their work. We will have slots available for about 70 speakers and a poster session for those that cannot be accommodated in the talk schedule. Speakers will be selected based upon submitted one page extended abstracts, more details on this to appear on the webpage in the near future.  The event is subsidised by the EPSRC, LMS, ICMS, and ECoS. Registration fees will be no more than 200 GBP for faculty and 100 GBP for students, with this including a conference dinner and reception. Numerous early career researchers, primarily PhD students, will have the registration fee waived and local accommodations provided for.

We hope to welcome all in the community to Edinburgh next summer.

On behalf of the organizers:
Coralia Cartis
Mike Davies
Jared Tanner
Thanks Jared  I am sure Jared will also provide the dates for abstract submission soon as well.

And let's note forget the two other meetings I mentioned yesterday as well namely:

If y'all have a website and want to advertize your meeting on Nuit Blanche as that meeting pertains to an area of compressed sensing. I don't mind if you point back to Nuit Blanche in the "links" section of your website.

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