Monday, August 23, 2010

What compressed sensing is not ?

From this outstanding description of Yves Meyer's work, one can find this annoying little nugget:

Depuis peu, il s’intéresse au « compressed sensing », nouvelle technique de traitement du signal, qui a apporté des résultats spectaculaires en débruitage d’image.

I mean, which part of "compressed" or "sensing" applies to image denoising ? Seriously, people haven't we passed that stage yet ? I realize that compressed sensing pushed for better and faster reconstruction solvers but saying this is the only thing it has brought to the world...c'est un peu court? For our mathematician friends here is a list of the different hardware that have been built with the intent of using the intrinsic sparsity found in Nature.
For more on why I believe Yves Meyer's work is important, check Saturday's entry.