Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Weight Agnostic Neural Networks, a virtual presentation by Adam Gaier, Thursday October 15th, LightOn AI meetup #7

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Ever since we started LightOn, we have been putting some emphasis on having great minds think how new algorithms are possible and how they can be enabled with our photonic chips.  We also have a regular meetup where we see how other great minds are devising new algorithms. 

Tomorrow, Thursday (October 15th) we are continuing this journey by having Adam Gaier who will talk to us about Weight Agnostic Neural Networks. The virtual meetup will start at:
  • 16:00 (UTC+2) Paris time but also 
  • 7AM PST, 
  • 10AM CST, 
  • 11PM JST. 
To have more information about connecting to the meetup, please register here:

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