Friday, August 16, 2019

Jobs: PhD scholarship on Algorithms for Event-Driven Camera Analysis at Western Sydney University, Australia

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Paul Hurley just let me know of the following PhD scholarship

Hi Igor -- I don't know if you still put jobs/PhD scholarships on nuit blanche, but if you still do, would you mind sharing mine? It's an opportunity to build up foundational work for event-based cameras.
Sure Paul ! Here is how the ad starts:

SCEM: Algorithms for Event-Driven Camera Analysis
School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics
Scholarship code: 2019-089 
About the project
Event-driven cameras are exciting technology that do not acquire full images like traditional cameras, but record only intensity changes when they occur. The International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems at Western Sydney University has been adapting them to perform Neuromorphic space imaging. 
This PhD scholarship builds on this work to help develop the correct abstraction and a theory so as to improve knowledge extraction algorithms. It goes from modelling to algorithm testing using real data, working together with a world-class team.

What does the scholarship provide?
  • Domestic candidates will receive a tax-free stipend of $30,000(AUD) per annum for up to 3 years to support living costs, supported by the Research Training Program (RTP) Fee Offset.
  • International candidates will receive a tax-free stipend of $30,000(AUD) per annum for up to 3 years to support living costs. Those with a strong track record will be eligible for a tuition fee waiver.
  • Support for conference attendance, fieldwork and additional costs as approved by the School.
International candidates are required to hold an Overseas Student Health Care (OSHC)(opens in new window)insurance policy for the duration their study in Australia. This cost is not covered by the scholarship.

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