Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Manopt 5.0, toolbox release: Optimization on Manifolds: - implementation -

Nicolas just sent me the following:
Dear Igor,

Bamdev (cc) and I just released Manopt 5.0, our Matlab toolbox for optimization on manifolds:

We would be delighted if you could announce this major release on your blog once again.

Manopt is a toolbox for optimization on manifolds, with major applications in machine learning and computer vision (low rank constraints, orthogonal matrices, rotations, positive definite matrices, ...). Of course, Manopt can also optimize over linear spaces (and it's quite good at it).

The toolbox is user friendly, requiring little knowledge about manifolds to get started. See our tutorial and the many examples in the release:

Highlight -- this release brings:

Nicolas and Bamdev

Thanks Nicolas  !

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