Friday, June 15, 2018

PhD and Postdoc positions KU Leuven (ERC Advanced grant E-DUALITY)

Johan just asked me the following:
Dear Igor,

could you please announce these vacancies on Nuit Blanche.

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Sure Johan !

The research group KU Leuven ESAT-STADIUS is currently offering 3 PhD and 3 Postdoc (1 year, extendable) positions within the framework of the ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Grant E-DUALITY (PI: Johan Suykens) on Exploring Duality for Future Data-driven Modelling.

Within this ERC project E-DUALITY we aim at realizing a powerful and unifying framework (including e.g. kernel methods, support vector machines, deep learning, multilayer networks, tensor-based models and others) for handling different system complexity levels, obtaining optimal model representations and designing efficient algorithms.

The research positions relate to the following possible topics:
  1. Duality principles
  2. Multiple data sources and coupling schemes
  3. Manifold learning and semi-supervised schemes
  4. Optimal prediction schemes
  5. Scalability, on-line updating, interpretation and visualization
  6. Mathematical foundations
  7. Matching model to system characteristics

For further information and on-line applying, see" (PhD positions) and" (Postdoc positions)
(click EN for English version).

The research group ESAT-STADIUS at the university KU Leuven Belgium provides an excellent research environment being active in the broad area of mathematical engineering, including data-driven modelling, neural networks and machine learning, nonlinear systems and complex networks, optimization, systems and control, signal processing, bioinformatics and biomedicine.

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