Monday, May 28, 2018

Adversarial Noise Layer: Regularize Neural Network By Adding Noise / Training robust models using Random Projection (implementation)

Using random projection to train models is a thing:

In this paper, we introduce a novel regularization method called Adversarial Noise Layer (ANL), which significantly improve the CNN's generalization ability by adding adversarial noise in the hidden layers. ANL is easy to implement and can be integrated with most of the CNN-based models. We compared the impact of the different type of noise and visually demonstrate that adversarial noise guide CNNs to learn to extract cleaner feature maps, further reducing the risk of over-fitting. We also conclude that the model trained with ANL is more robust to FGSM and IFGSM attack. Code is available at: this https URL

Regularization plays an important role in machine learning systems. We propose a novel methodology for model regularization using random projection. We demonstrate the technique on neural networks, since such models usually comprise a very large number of parameters, calling for strong regularizers. It has been shown recently that neural networks are sensitive to two kinds of samples: (i) adversarial samples, which are generated by imperceptible perturbations of previously correctly-classified samples-yet the network will misclassify them; and (ii) fooling samples, which are completely unrecognizable, yet the network will classify them with extremely high confidence. In this paper, we show how robust neural networks can be trained using random projection. We show that while random projection acts as a strong regularizer, boosting model accuracy similar to other regularizers, such as weight decay and dropout, it is far more robust to adversarial noise and fooling samples. We further show that random projection also helps to improve the robustness of traditional classifiers, such as Random Forrest and Gradient Boosting Machines.

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