Monday, December 04, 2017

Nuit Blanche in Review (October and November 2017)

It's been two months since the last Nuit Blanche in Review (September 2017). We've had two Paris Machine Learning meetups, a two-day meeting of France is AI. Nuit Blanche featured two theses, a few job postings. While NIPS 2017 is about to start. I also recall last year's NIPS in Barcelona, where there was a sense that the community would move in on other areas besides computer vision. From some general takeaways from #NIPS2016
  • With the astounding success of Deep Learning algorithms, other communities of science have essentially yielded to these tools in a manner of two or three years. I felt that the main question at the meeting was: which field would be next ? Since the Machine Learning/Deep Learning community was able to elevate itself thanks to high quality datasets such as MNIST all the way to Imagenet, it is only fair to see where this is going with the release of a few datasets during the conference including the Universe from OpenAI. Control systems and simulators (forward problems in science) seem the next target.
Well, if you take a look at the few papers of this past two months mentioned here on Nuit Blanche, it looks like GANs and other methods have essentially made their way into the building of recovery solvers: i.e. algorithms dedicated to build images/data back from measurements. The recent interest in the development of Deep Learning for physics  makes it likely we will soon build better sensing hardware. 

Another interesting item to us at LightOn this past month is the realization that Biologically Inspired Random Projections is a thing. 

Enjoy the postings.


Videos and slides:

credit: NASA / JPL / Ricardo Nunes

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