Thursday, November 16, 2017

CSJob: Four Postdoctoral Research Assistants, Mathematical Institute and the Oxford-Emirates Data Science Lab (OEDSL)

Jared just sent me the following: 
Dear Igor,
Enjoying following you on twitter. Would you be so kind as to advertise the following postdoc position:
Sure Jared !
Machine and Deep Learning have proven to be some of the most effective tools in data science, now reliably surpassing human ability to perform tasks such as classification of images and sophisticated games. The holder of this post will work to advance our understanding of the efficacy and interpretability of these methods, as well as apply these techniques to real world problems such as those of interest to Emirates Airlines. Methods to be explored are likely to include: the scattering transform, models for data which can be rigorously analysed such as deep neural nets with Gaussian weights, dictionary learning, convolutional sparse coding, reversibility, adversarial nets, optimal approximation, function learning, the information bottleneck, and high dimensional geometry. Previous experience in some of the following topics expected to be useful: Machine and deep learning, sparse approximation or signal processing, random matrix theory, and information theory. A successful candidate in this field will be supervised by Professor Jared Tanner within the Numerical Analysis Group.
For more information please see,

Note the deadline for this position is Dec. 6th at noon UK time.
Jared Tanner
Professor of the Mathematics of Information
Oxford University Liaison Director to the Alan Turing Institute
Mathematics Institute
University of Oxford
01865615311 (office - Andrew Wiles Building S2.40)

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