Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Morning Videos: NIPS 2016 workshop on nonconvex optimizations.

Hossein just mentioned this on his twitter:

Here is the list of talks and videos:
  • Nando de Freitas (Learning to Optimize) [Slides] [Video]
  • Morning Poster Spotlight (papers #1 to #8) [Slides] [Video]
  • Jean Lasserre (Moment-LP and Moment-SOS Approaches in Optimization) [Slides] [Video]
  • Surya Ganguli (Non-convexity in the error landscape and the expressive capacity of deep neural networks) [Slides] [Video
  • Ryan Adams (Leveraging Structure in Bayesian Optimization) [Slides] [Video]
  • Stefanie Jegelka (Submodular Optimization and Nonconvexity) [Slides] [Video]
  • Suvrit Sra (Taming Non-Convexity via Geometry) [Slides] [Video]
  • Francis Bach (Submodular Functions: from Discrete to Continuous Domains) [Slides] [Video]
  • Panel Discussion [Video]
  • Afternoon Poster Spotlight (papers #9 to #16) [Slides] [Video]

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