Saturday, March 06, 2010

You have other problems...

From Scientific American,
Nine months after it created its first list of protected endangered species , the government [of Afghanistan] has added 15 more to the list, including what has been billed as "the world's least-known bird."

This reminded of the "Save the Rain Forest" inscription one could read on the charred walls of Sarajevo's library during its last siege.

When trying to address the need for information on compressed sensing, I am finding myself hypnotized by the need to correct misconceptions that evolve over time. The peer review process is fine (even though it could be much better ) but until recently one could not act on the collective understanding on a scientific subject after it had been covered in the news. In the end, you have other problems but then you know deep down that if you do not act, it could hurt you.

Credit: Wikipedia.

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