Tuesday, May 05, 2009

CS: Ghost Imaging Reconstruction using CS Techniques

Some of you may recall this entry entitled: Ain't the Power of Interwebs Great or What ?. Well we just had a full circle on this one. Ori Katz and Yaron Bromberg just let me know that they came out with a preprint applying compressive sensing reconstruction technique to Ghost Imaging. You may want to check the acknowledgments :-), eventually it's all about the web. Here is the preprint:

Compressive ghost imaging by Ori Katz, Yaron Bromberg, Yaron Silberberg. The abstract reads:

We describe an advanced image reconstruction algorithm for pseudothermal ghost imaging, which reduces the number of measurements required for image recovery by an order of magnitude. The algorithm is based on compressed sensing, a technique that enables the reconstruction of an N-pixel image from much less than N measurements. We apply the algorithm to experimental data from a pseudothermal ghost-imaging setup, and observe a substantial increase in the signal-to-noise ratio of the reconstructed images. The described technique can be used to improve the results of previous pseudothermal ghost-imaging experiments.

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