Tuesday, April 07, 2009

CS: Sensor Networks, Information Theory and Coding for Compressed Sensing, SPARS'09

Echoing the Q/A on Distributed Sensor Network and Compressive Sensing, here is a presentation on Signal Processing and Communications for Sensor Networks by Martin Vetterli

Martin Vetterli's abstract of the presentation is:

A sensor network is a spatio-temporal sampling device with a wireless communications infrastructure. In this talk, after a short overview of the Center on Mobile Information and Communication Systems, where large scale ad hoc and sensor networks are being studied, we will address the following questions related to large sensor networks and their applications in environmental monitoring.

1. The spatio-temporal structure of distributed signals, with an emphasis on the physics behind the signals, and results on sampling.

2. The interaction of distributed source compression and transmission, with a particular focus on joint source-channel coding. This is the key theoretical question in sensor network signal acquisition and communication.

3. Applications in environmental monitoring, like for example tomographic measurements, and a description of a large scale environmental monitoring project in the Swiss Alps. This project, called SensorScope , has generated large and novel data sets for environmental questions, all available in open access.

Henry D. Pfister and Fan Zhang just released a presentation on Information Theory and Coding for Compressed Sensing.

Finally, SPARS'09 is taking place in Saint Malo, France. Saint Malo is a place known for its sailing and fishing. You can read the different papers being presented there here, here and here. Since boats are so important to that place let me honor it with this unforgettable 80's song :-)

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