Saturday, February 09, 2008

The 1003rd post: Compressed Sensing and a Tile.

As some of you pointed out, Terry Tao made an entry on his blog about a presentation he made on Compressed Sensing in Australia. His post had me thinking on writing this entry on the CS framework.

I have added a new page that features matlab codes I have implemented from different papers on Compressed Sensing. The Matlab files being small is a testament of the elegance of these algorithms. As stated, better codes implemented by the authors of these papers can be requested directly from the authors.

Damaris tells us STS-122 is missing some tiles, but she is checking on it.

I nearly missed it but this is the 1003rd post of this blog, of which about 115 of them are about Compressed Sensing.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 1003rd post! (: