Tuesday, January 18, 2005

AI and Human Cognitive Problems

I have been invited to make a presentation at the tenth anniversary of the SCM company. The title of my talk will be the following :

"L'Intelligence Artificielle peut-elle guider un véhicule autonome dans le désert ? peut-elle aider à diagnostiquer des problèmes cognitifs chez l'homme ?"

or in English

"Can Artificial Intelligence guide an autonomous vehicle in the desert ? can it help in the diagnosis of cognitive problems in humans ?"

It will reflect some of the current issues I have identified so far in building an algorithm for our entry in the DARPA race and inversely how I think some of the techniques I have seen developed in the Artificial Intelligence community could be of help in the diagnostics of cognitive problems in kids and grown-ups. The latter subject is fascinating because there is seldom a communication between the engineering world of robot building and the world of applied psychology.

I could have talked about other subjects where I am far more competent (space, nuclear,...) but I am not sure that finding solutions in these areas would be a substantial contribution. I am not quite sure there are Grand Challenges in those areas anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Igor,
Could you post a summary of your presentation at SCM. It would be interesting to see what kinda problems you are envisioning and the current strategy with respect to tackling them.