Saturday, December 13, 2003

Interesting how movies can trigger real life scenarios...

I was once talking to a friend recently and I was telling him there was a need for a Grand Challenge in the thermal engineering area (like trying to drill inside earth). Then six months later came this movie. And then today, one can also read about the decrease of the Earth Magnetic field . Obviously, some people have been doing some thinking on this subject (The Jules Verne Project). It would not be so alarming, if we had a sense on how bad the sun can get. Yet, we don't, as witnessed in the recent unexpected X10+ solar storm. For that matter, nobody seems to have made the connection between this solar storm and the freak weather in california (or here) or in the northeast. At least, I am not saying the sky is falling on our heads. Then again, we have also been witness to this. As long as it is not blue ice, I think we're OK.