Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ASimCo: Analysis SimCO Algorithms for Sparse Analysis Model Based Dictionary Learning - implementation -

In this paper, we consider the dictionary learning problem for the sparse analysis model. A novel algorithm is proposed by adapting the simultaneous codeword optimization (SimCO) algorithm, based on the sparse synthesis model, to the sparse analysis model. This algorithm assumes that the analysis dictionary contains unit ℓ2-norm atoms and learns the dictionary by optimization on manifolds. This framework allows multiple dictionary atoms to be updated simultaneously in each iteration. However, similar to several existing analysis dictionary learning algorithms, dictionaries learned by the proposed algorithm may contain similar atoms, leading to a degenerate (coherent) dictionary. To address this problem, we also consider restricting the coherence of the learned dictionary and propose Incoherent Analysis SimCO by introducing an atom decorrelation step following the update of the dictionary. We demonstrate the competitive performance of the proposed algorithms using experiments with synthetic data and image denoising as compared with existing algorithms. 
An implementation is on Wenwu Wang's code page.
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