Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where Are The Clouds ?

Julien Guertault, a frenchman living in Tokyo and I have started a blog entitled Where are the Clouds ? to aggregate information on computational simulations and actual measurements of plumes and clouds produced by the Fukushima accident (it is in English and Japanese). Over time, I hope this endeavor will probably not be just limited to this occurence. Back in April 2010, a cloud of ash severely limited flights over Europe stranding hundred of thousands of people. Beyond the need for the public to be informed real time, it is important to realize that it is extremely important to have a sense of how computational simulations are really predictive and how issues such as transnational sensor networks and improvement of sensors need to be addressed. The site is:

The address:

if you have information that you think ought to be added there, please let me know.

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