Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around the blogs in 80 hours.

I have changed the underlying template of the blog in order to have a larger width for every entries. One can now also re-tweet entries seamlessly.. Let me know if this improves the reading of the blog.

Here  is a small selection of blog entries mixing both hardware and theoretical elements you have seen mentioned on Nuit Blanche.

Greg: MIT IAP '11 radar course SAR example, imaging with coffee cans, wood, and the audio input from your laptop 
Gustavo (Greg's student): Cleaner Ranging and Multiple Targets
Anand:  Privacy and entropy (needs improvement)
Vladimir (ISW): Albert Theuwissen Reports from EI 2011 - Part 1 and 3D Sensing Forum at ISSCC 2011

Jordan: Compressed sensing, compressed MDS, compressed clustering, and my talk tomorrow
Bob: Paper of the Day (Po'D): Performance Limits of Matching Pursuit Algorithms Edition
Terry: An introduction to measure theory
Arxiv blog: The Nuclear Camera Designed to Spot Hidden Radiation Sources 

This last entry pointed to this paper on arxiv that featured a position sensitive radiation camera. I noted in this paper the following interesting graphs:

as they point to the ability to readily perform spectrum unfolding. More on this later.

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona (view from Mars Orbiter and view from the ground of the same scene)

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