Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CS: Low-Rank Matrix Recovery and Completion

Yesterday's entry is part of the answer I am writing for a question on Quora. That question was: Has compressed sensing peaked?. Today's entry is another part of that answer and it is taken out of the slides that John WrightZhouchen Lin, and Yi Ma presented in October 2010. Of particular interest are the applications listed by Yi Ma third presentation below. In the meantime, I took out the slides of interest to that discussion.

From Low-Rank Matrix Recovery I: Introduction and Theory by John Wright

From Low-Rank Matrix Recovery II:Fast and Scalable Algorithms by Zhouchen Lin

From Low-Rank Matrix Recovery III: Applications – Harnessing Low-Rank Structure in Images by Yi Ma.

The three presentations are here. The Low-Rank Matrix Recovery and Completion via Convex Optimization webpage is here.

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