Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CS: Hackaday and La Recherche

My submission to Hackaday on the EPFL ECG system caught on only because of the iPhone aspect of it.  It would not be so bad if somehow this explanation had not been inserted in the summary:
....Oh, and why the iPhone? The device that displays the data makes little difference. In this case they’re transmitting via Bluetooth for a real-time display (seen in the video after the break). This could be used for a wide variety of devices, or monitored remotely via the Internet....
Not only that, but since the explanation about compressed sensing was somehow removed from the description of the hardware, many commenters seem to think that the prototype was built only to appeal to the latest shiny new iPhone story. As Pierre confirmed last night on Twitter, the iPhone performs a full l_1 minimization with wavelet frames in real time! wow ! As far as I could understand from the presentaiton, the encoding is following that of Piotr and Radu). The comments in the Hackaday entry are generally very instructive on how to communicate with a technical crowd that has not been exposed to compressive sensing before..The trolls are part of that game. 

For our french readers, the October edition of La Recherche has a piece on Compressive Sensing on page 20-21 entitled "Des signaux comprimés à l'enregistrement" with an interview of Emmanuel. The MRI photo is from Pierre's lab. The article points to the Big Picture as a reference document, woohoo! 

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