Saturday, August 28, 2010

CS: Two Meetings, Generalized sampling using a compound-eye imaging system, Compressive Geospatial Sensing, Polya Prize

Remi Gribonval sent me some information about some meetings of potential interest to readers of this blog:

The upcoming conference LVA on Latent Variable Analysis / Signal Separation, to be held in Saint-Malo, Britanny, France, will feature (among other):

More details can be found at

A one day workshop on Sparsity and Learning (Apprentissage et Parcimonie), co-organized by Francis Bach and myself within the french network GDR ISIS, will feature invited lectures by: Stéphane Mallat, Guillaume Obozinski, Matthieu Kowalski, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Erwan Lepennec, Cedric Fevotte, Alexandre Tsybakov, and Rémi Munos. More details to be found at at
Thanks Remi.

In this paper, we propose generalized sampling approaches for measuring a multi-dimensional object using a compact compound-eye imaging system called thin observation module by bound optics (TOMBO). This paper shows the proposed system model, physical examples, and simulations to verify TOMBO imaging using generalized sampling. In the system, an object is sheared and multiplied by a weight distribution with physical coding, and the coded optical signal is integrated on to a detector array. A numerical estimation algorithm employing a sparsity constraint is used for object reconstruction.

The SIAM George Pólya Prize was awarded to Emmanuel Candès and Terence Tao. From the press release:

....The award recognizes their role in developing the theory of compressed sensing and matrix completion, which enables efficient reconstruction of sparse, high-dimensional data based on very few measurements. According to the selection committee, the algorithms and analysis are not only beautiful mathematics, worthy of study for their own sake, but they also lead to remarkable solutions of practical engineering problems...

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