Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is your brain pulsing blood in order to work ?

The latest arxiv blog entry features an article entitled The Thermodynamics of Human Reaction Times by Moscoso del Prado. The blog entry makes a claim about the speed at which information travels in the brain (you need to read the update in the blog entry by Moscoso del Prado in the blog entry itself). The information processing seems to be in the realm of about 60 bit per second. This is fascinating as this number is close to the 30 bits/second rate found in the information transferred through acoustic mud-pulsing in the Measurement While Drilling techniques used by the likes of companies like Schlumberger to transfer information from the tip of the drill bit all the way up to the operator at the surface. Should we expect a similar phenomenon in the brain where blood is being slightly pulsed ? At the very least, this would definitely provide some type of basis for using fMRI as a way of defining information activity in the brain.

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