Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ensemble Averaging Love

Well now that the Netflix competition is over, the folks at Netflix thinks they can up the ante of the suspense that occured in the first contest by having a second contest. Woohoo! It's all fine and dandy but I keep on having mixed feelings about putting all these nerdy brains to work on a problem where one matches one's taste to others through proxies such as movies. There is a tougher challenge at hand and one you can directly impact: People matching. As it so happens, Markus Frind, the guy who started Plenty of Fish is looking for a person with a Ph.D to help out in the referral engine for his hugely successful free dating site. Think of it as the Craig's list of love. Can you really handle finding Luuuuvvvv ? As the Chinese say, may you live in interesting times....

PS: for those of you not accustomed to the word, Luuuuvvv is sometimes pronounced the same as love in certain part of the U.S. where country music is typically a hallmark.

Video: LeeAnn Rimes, Blue. LeeAnn first sang this song when she was 13. Many people remember the first time they heard that song.

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