Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CS: TomoPIV meets Compressed Sensing

Interesting! Testing a physical measurement process as if it were a compressed sensing implementation and checking it against various conditions (null space property, ...) this is what this paper undertakes in TomoPIV meets Compressed Sensing by Stefania Petra and Christoph Schnörr. The abstract reads:
We study the discrete tomography problem in Experimental Fluid Dynamics - Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry (TomoPIV) - from the viewpoint of compressed sensing (CS). The CS theory of recoverability and stability of sparse solutions to underdetermined linear inverse problems has rapidly evolved during the last years. We show that all currently available CS concepts predict an extremely poor worst case performance, and a low expected performance of the TomoPIV measurement system, indicating why low particle densities only are currently used by engineers in practice. Simulations demonstrate however that slight random perturbations of the TomoPIV measurement matrix considerably boost both worst-case and expected reconstruction performance. This finding is interesting for CS theory and for the design of TomoPIV measurement systems in practice.

Credit & Licence: Mick Petroff; Tip Thanks: James Holmes (Cairns). Via APOD.

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