Thursday, August 27, 2009

CS as a disruptive technology ?

If one were to think of compressive sensing as an enabling technology (be it in imaging or else), what specific technology using compressive sensing could be considered disruptive ? One way to help think about how to answer this question is alist of three questions (from here) :
  • Is there a large population of people who historically have not had the money, equipment or skill to do this thing for themselves?
  • Are there customers at the low end of the market who would be happy to purchase a product with less (but good enough) performance if they could get it at a lower price?
  • Is the innovation disruptive to all of the significant incumbents in the industry?

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Anonymous said...

It is possibly disruptive but only if it advances the capabilities of AI substantially. Anyway it is an extremely rare example of a technology that has no precedence. There is nothing that built up to it. It appeared out of thin air.
There are other things going on like computational self assembly that could be disruptive.

Sean O'Connor