Thursday, August 06, 2009

CS: An announcement and a plea. Videos of CS particle Filter results

I am going to be offline starting next Tuesday till the end of the month. The automatic submission system of Blogger allows me to post some entries in advance. If you want to submit a job description, a paper or a code at a certain date in the second part of August, I can write the entry now and it will show up at the appropriate time on the blog. You just need to give me the address where the job description/paper or code will be located and the date at which you want an announcement to be made on the blog. Thank you.

David a commenter on the previous entry rightly pointed out that the video of Rich Baraniuk's presentation on Compressive Sensing presenting the MIT Random Lens Imager by Rob Fergus, Antonio Torralba, and William T. Freeman has pulled by the author of the video. If you are that person please, pretty please put it back on youtube for the enlightment of the community.

In case it doesn't show up again, I think I am going to have to make a video myself. and that my friends, it would surely be an abomination.

While checking Youtube, I found the following two videos using Compressive Sensing and Particle Filter. If somebody knows the owner or the paper used to get these results, I'll be glad to make a larger mention of it on the blog. Here they are:

Description: Compressive tracking of two targets using the Compressive Particle Filter. We used a CS matrix with each element drawn iid from N(0,1). The total number of measurements is 1000. The circles denote the approximate target size.

Description: Video results of the Compressive Particle Filter. The frames are 144x176. We used 1000 measurements and a CS matrix with each element drawn iid from N(0,1). The circle denotes the estimated size of the target.

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