Saturday, February 26, 2011

CS Meetings: BASP, ICML Structured Sparsity, SADH

Yves Wiaux sent me the following about a meeting on September 4-9, 2011.

The international BASP Frontiers workshop was created to promote synergies between the Astronomical and Biomedical communities, around selected common challenges for signal processing. The 2011 workshop is organized by the EPFL Signal Processing Laboratories and will take place in September [04-09] in a very nice resort in the Swiss Alps [Villars] close to Lausanne and Lake Geneva. It will focus on Fourier Sampling for Magnetic Resonance and Radio Interferometric Imaging.
Do not hesitate to have a look at the website [BASP Frontiers website:], where you will find all required information regarding scientific context, committes, venue, keynote and invited participants [including R. Baraniuk, E. Candes, V. Goyal, T. Strohmer, and P. Vandergheynst], program, and registration [opening April 1]. If you would like to participate, please contact us [BASP email contact:] and provide information as detailed on the "invitation request page". Do not hesitate either to disseminate this announcement.
Y. Wiaux, Workshop Chair

Thanks Yves.

Mladen Kolar also sent me the following:

Dear Igor,
I've been following your blog for a while and it has been very useful for keeping me on top of ongoing research in sparsity. I believe that the following workshop may be of interest to readers of your blog -- Structured Sparsity: Learning and Inference Workshop [1]. It is organized by Francis Bach, Han Liu, Guillaume Obozinski, Eric Xing and myself. The workshop is organized as a part of the 28th International Conference on Machine Learning [2] (June 28 through July 2, 2011). Our invited speakers mainly come from machine learning and statistics community, but we also hope to attract some signal processing folks due to the commitment of prof. Volkan Cevher. Call for contributions can be found here [3].
We would highly appreciate if you could publicize the workshop.
King regards,
Thanks Mladen.

In other news, the Duke University Workshop on Sensing and Analysis of High-Dimensional Data (SAHD) is planned for July 26-28, 2011. The meeting will be held at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club, adjacent to the Duke campus. The meeting is being organized and hosted by the following Duke faculty: David Brady, Robert Calderbank, Lawrence Carin, Ingrid Daubechies, David Dunson, Mauro Maggioni and Rebecca Willett.

Since there have been a few. I am listing some of the meetings related to CS on this CS meetings page.

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