Wednesday, November 04, 2009

CS: UWB Through-Wall Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing

I picked this up from Lianlin Li's blog ( translation is here): another UWB radar that can detect moving things through walls: UWB Through-Wall Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing by Qiong Huang, Lele Qu, Bingheng Wu, and Guangyou Fang. The abstract reads:

To achieve high-resolution 2-D images, through-wall imaging (TWI) radar with ultra-wideband and long antenna arrays faces considerable technical challenges such as a prolonged data collection time, a huge amount of data, and a high hardware complexity. This paper presents a novel data acquisition scheme and an imaging algorithm for TWI radar based on compressive sensing (CS), which states that a signal having a sparse representation can be reconstructed from a small number of nonadaptive randomized projections by solving a tractable convex program. Instead of measuring all spatial-frequency data, a few samples, by employing an overcomplete dictionary, are sufficient to obtain reliable target space images even at high noise levels. Preliminary simulated and experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the conventional delay-and-sum beamforming method even though many fewer CS measurements are used.

I am adding this the Compressive Sensing Hardware page.


Anonymous said...

I just got the ITU to support UWB, The Uraxs Project, and the UWB Global Adoption Conference here in Geneva for the spring! Who's in?

Igor said...

Who are you ?

uraxs said...

Hi Igor,
Sorry about the delay, I don't usually troll the blogs but stumbled upon your post doing some research. The best way to steer you to information about me and what I've done is to suggest you use the keywords uraxs uwb anderson to search for information. Hopefully I'll see you and many more involved in the UWB industry here in Geneva on 2,3,4 June! All the best.