Wednesday, October 07, 2009

CS: Step-Frequency Radar with Compressive Sampling (SFR-CS)

Here is an application of compressive sensing to a specific type of radar. The description of the approach is given in Step-Frequency Radar with Compressive Sampling (SFR-CS) by Sagar Shah, Yao Yu, Athina Petropulu. The abstract reads:

Step-frequency radar (SFR) is a high resolution radar approach, where multiple pulses are transmitted at different frequencies, covering a wide spectrum. The obtained resolution directly depends on the total bandwidth used, or equivalently, the number of transmitted pulses. This paper proposes a novel SFR system, namely SFR with compressive sampling (SFRCS), that achieves the same resolution as a conventional SFR, while using significantly reduced bandwidth, or equivalently, transmitting significantly fewer pulses. This bandwidth reduction is accomplished by employing compressive sampling ideas and exploiting the sparseness of targets in the range velocity space.

I'll add it to the Compressive Sensing Hardware page shortly.


Anonymous said...

The authors say "The application
of compressive sampling to narrow-band radar systems
was recently investigated in [2], [3] and [4], [5], and [6]. The
application of CS on SFR has not been investigated before."

Hadn't Gurbuz, McLellan and Scott done GPR using stepped frequency radar in "A Compressive Sensing Data Acquisition and Imaging Method for Stepped Frequency GPRs," IEEE Transactions in Signal Processing, vol. 57, issue 7, pp. 2640-2650 (2009)

Igor said...

Thanks anonymous, I'll make a note of it. I mentioned that work before but i was a presentation, I did not know about the paper and it does not look like it is freely viewable either.



Igor said...

The first paper is at: