Monday, May 16, 2016

Fast nonlinear embeddings via structured matrices

Fast nonlinear embeddings via structured matrices by Krzysztof Choromanski, Francois Fagan

We present a new paradigm for speeding up randomized computations of several frequently used functions in machine learning. In particular, our paradigm can be applied for improving computations of kernels based on random embeddings. Above that, the presented framework covers multivariate randomized functions. As a byproduct, we propose an algorithmic approach that also leads to a significant reduction of space complexity. Our method is based on careful recycling of Gaussian vectors into structured matrices that share properties of fully random matrices. The quality of the proposed structured approach follows from combinatorial properties of the graphs encoding correlations between rows of these structured matrices. Our framework covers as special cases already known structured approaches such as the Fast Johnson-Lindenstrauss Transform, but is much more general since it can be applied also to highly nonlinear embeddings. We provide strong concentration results showing the quality of the presented paradigm.
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